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Genres of Music

The genre of music refers to the type of artistic production defined by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.


Since the late 40s and 50s, rock music was the most popular kind of music due to its powerful, emotional, energetic, and loud nature.


Blues is mostly a vocal genre. Blues performers communicate emotion instead of communicate experiences in their tracks.


The term "country" was used to denote music from rural areas of the United States. Ballads and dancing melodies with relatively basic structures are common in country music.


Music that is created with the use of electronic musical instruments, digital instruments, or circuitry-based music technology. Electronically generated noises captured on tape and combined.


A style of popular music that is based on traditional music and does not include the usage of electronic instruments.

Hip hop

Also known as rap music, this style of music has dominated the mainstream music for the last decade.


Jazz is a genre of music in which improvisation is frequently used. Most jazz concerts have artists making up solos on the fly, which necessitates a high level of talent.


Designed with public appeal and economic success in mind. It may be played with practically any instruments and have a wide range of musical features.

Rhythm and Blues (R&B)

Rhythmic blues song with soulful tones. Over the years it has been closely linked to hip hop and is harder to distinguish the two.

Heavy Metal

A style of heavily intensified, aggressive rock music with a fast pace that frequently features violent or surreal visuals.

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What Should I Do if I Want to Make Music?

FL Studio is one of the leading music production programs currently used. It has a pattern-based music sequencer which means that it can record, edit, and play back music. In addition, it has a clean looking user interface. A less overwhelming application to start creating music is through Garageband. This product is developed by Apple for individuals that want to dip their toes in music creation.

Reviews on Music Streaming Services

Streaming music allows an individual to listen to audio through a device without having the need to download the files over the internet.

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